Tonsil Stone Removal Tool Guide

Water Pik for Tonsil Stone

Need to find some tools to help remove those tonsil stones? Here are some tried and true tools that help get rid of these tonsil stones.

Note: These are just suggestions of things that have worked in the past but may not for every person. Please always be gentle as tonsil stones are bad but your tonsils have feelings still. Use these at your own risk.

Water Pik

Water Pik for Tonsil Stone

The water pik can be used not just for flossing, but to gently flush out any tonsil stones that may be sitting around the back for your throat.

Light Pick with Water Syringe

Tonsil Stone Removal Tool

This package comes with not only a few different pick styles, but also a stainless steel pick and a water syringe to help flush out any loose particles after you’re doing picking out tonsil stones. The light definitely helps you see what you’re poking at in the back.

Premium Stainless Steel Remover

Tonsil Stone Remover- Stainless Steel

If you’re not down for plastic and opt to go for the easier to clean stainless steel pick, this set has a more premium feel and grip to it as well as an alternative removal feature on the back.


Q-tip for Tonsil Stone Removal
Q-tip for Tonsil Stone Removal

Q-tips, both the traditional one and the ones with extended arms are good for gently prodding out visible tonsil stones.


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